How We Teach Our Autistic Children To Mask Their Autism (and their needs).

Sometimes it’s truly inadvertent and in these cases - a “once off, never repeated” scenario, but one that lingers with the child. Often it’s borne from the parents own challenges in regulating and managing their emotions. Other times, tragically, its a conscious and deliberate parenting choice that influences the parents every action and response towards… Continue reading How We Teach Our Autistic Children To Mask Their Autism (and their needs).


Talking to Children about their Autism Diagnosis

This list of free, Autistic-led resources, compiled by the I CAN NETWORK helps provide support to parents on how to talk to their children about Autism and / or being Autistic in a way that is respectful, accurate and validating. ▪️ From Reframing Autism, "Talking To Children About Autism." Dr. Melanie Heyworth, an Autistic mother… Continue reading Talking to Children about their Autism Diagnosis


My Many Ingredients

Autism is a part of me that makes me, me. It’s a big part because it’s how my brain thinks about and understands things differently. I have lots of other ingredients too. I’m kind. I’m clever. I’m playful. I’m cautious. I’m very sensitive. I’m observant. I’m a seeker - I like to learn about things.… Continue reading My Many Ingredients


Parent Perspective: What I would do Differently

Parent of Autistic tween shares what she would do differently if they had they had their time again.

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Ten Facts About Communicating Non-verbally

“Music, touch, smiles - they all tell a story if we pay attention. Without speech, we have to use all our senses to connect on a more direct level”.  Rami Kripke-Ludwig ”... I found my voice through pointing on my board. It was so frustrating (before then) to not be able to tell anyone how… Continue reading Ten Facts About Communicating Non-verbally


The Changing World of Autism – a generational story

Bill started bouncing and flapping. The Helper told Bill to calm down. Mumma said, "Its ok". Then she looked at Bill and said, "I like that you are feeling happy this morning". Bill flapped harder and said, "Bill going to the pub. Bill going to the pub"! Across the road from my school there is… Continue reading The Changing World of Autism – a generational story


“I Didn’t Have the Words To Tell You” – Mother of Autistic Girl Shares Important Conversation between Daughter and herself.

Last night, my pre-teen daughter was having trouble sleeping, so she asked me to join her in the guest room with our pets. It was really late, I was very tired, but she was so keen to talk in the dark that I encouraged her to share what was on her mind.

As we snuggled together at 12:00am, she asked me, “How did you feel when I was first diagnosed?”


Autism and Creativity – Art Needs no Words.

In 2016, while playing with paint, Cadence discovered that she could use colour and different materials to give expression to her thoughts and feelings. Since then she has been exploring and experimenting with different styles, materials and textures.  She is a young girl who works extremely hard, and consistently, in a very focussed way, to… Continue reading Autism and Creativity – Art Needs no Words.