I am Cadence celebrates the strengths of Autistic neurology and neurodiversity, taking its name from a young Autistic girl identified at a young age with what was then commonly known as “Classic Autism “or “Kanners Autism”. 

Cadence delights in writing, twirling, patterns and creating. She has a great love for animals, being outdoors, socializing with her friends; and, a long-term strong interest in social justice.

In 2019, I am Cadence produced the self-directed documentary “Bouncing Words”  (released October 2019). Primarily exploring differences in language development and communication in Autistic children who are limited or non-speaking, Bouncing Words also looks at friendship development and schooling.

Written by an Autistic Mum of Autistic children and offering a warm, optimistic way of introducing Autism to your child, the delightful children’s picture book Just Right for You was a fun I am Cadence illustration project in 2020.

Current education and advocacy projects include contributing to an upcoming book on Autistic Advocacy (to be published late 2021), illustrating a delightful children’s picture book about Autism and friendship (to be released mid-late 2021), and the writing and illustration of an Activity Book for neurodivergent children (to be released by mid-late 2021). Contact: info@iamcadence.com

Resources for Kids

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Parent Resources

Selected I am Cadence parenting articles and parent resources to support parenting Autistic children.



I am Cadence original artworks, prints, cards and books (available for purchase).