I am Caessay picdence” celebrates the strengths of Autistic neurology and neurodiversity, taking its name from 11 year old Cadence – author of short pieces describing her experiences of being an Autistic child.  Her published writings include “Autism is why I am different”, “When I’m Grown up”, “Autism Doesn’t mean I’m bad”, “Green Day’s make me feel Yellow”, “I survived” and “Cadence’s Ingredients”.

Cadence is an active, playful and bright 11 year old girl diagnosed with ‘Autistic Disorder’ (commonly known as ‘Classic Autism’).

Cadence delights in writing, twirling, patterns, counting, and painting. She has a great love for animals, being outdoors and all things princess and fairy. Her first public piece, ‘Autism is why I am different’,  published by Kidspot magazine in August 2015 when Cadence was just 7 years old, has since been made into a Spanish short film, ‘Acceptance’ (released August 2016).

Since then, Cadence has written a number of other short pieces published by both mainstream and social media sites, blogs and in selected books.

You can visit the ”I am Cadence” Facebook Page, named ‘Growing Up Unique – Autism Through A Child’s Eyes  here.

 What others are saying …

“What a smart and self aware girl. She is brilliant! Hopefully we see a day where it is not news but common sense that a child with Autism is intelligent”Special Books by Special Kids

“… Tell Cadence to keep working hard and achieve her dreams”Temple Grandin

“A truly remarkable child. An excellent insight into the mind of an autistic child. Cadence is inspiring, as is her mother” – The Parent Puzzle

“This is delightful and insightful … Cadence is educating all who know her and changing the perception of autism” – Corey Reeves

“She is amazing”Bill, Autism Discussion Page

“This little angel may have different challenges, but she has a LOT to offer; as do all children. She can teach us all without even having a degree” – Playhouse Professionals

“We can all learn so much” – Engaging Educators

“… If only everyone could have this level of understanding- especially parents and educators of these brave little souls. Be the change you want to see in the world (Ghandi). Start small – in the words and and how you see others. Sometimes it takes a child’s words to remind us” – Love – Lee Cooking

“Utterly charmed by this beautiful girl. So insightful and thoughtful!” – Living Loving Laughing