“When my friends go up to someone and talk, I don’t understand how words just come out of their mouth. I wish I could do that. How do they do that?

It’s not uncommon for an Autistic child’s thinking to be profound or ahead of their peers. It is common for them to have significant difficulty with speech and / or language skills needed to verbalize their incredible thoughts.

Speech inability has no relationship to intellectual ability. Challenges with expressive language has no relationship to not having anything to say. Communicating non-verbally has equal worth as speech.

Encourage. Support. Be as genuine in your efforts to hear them, as they are in their efforts to share with you.

#actuallyautistic. #girlsonthespectrum #autism #aspergers #nonverbal #neurodiversity

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  1. it can be learned. it takes confidence and practice.

    looking at this one way: confidence takes practice, and practice takes confidence. oh dear, its a catch-22! 😦

    but really, practice can lead to confience and confidence can lead to practice. its a feedback loop, and it can be positive 🙂

    the most important thing is to learn more from the good experiences, and not over-learn from negative ones. (like we do sometimes, with anxiety.)

    more good news? practicing talking to people online– the better you get good at that, paired with a little practice in person (especially with friends who are supportive…) some of the practice you get online can transfer to talking in person. so dont ever think of corresponding by text as “anti-social” or any nonsense like that.

    also, confidence will remind you that not everyone has to be someone you like. if you were “neurotypical” you wouldnt like everyone, and you wouldnt waste *too much* time on people that arent nice to you. in other words: its ok and can help if you spend more time talking to people that are supportive or just “good to talk to.” that doesnt mean they agree with you on everything– it means they take the time or care enough to really speak with you. to make it a conversation, instead of just some kind of “battle.” look for those people. youll learn to find them.


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