Selected I am Cadence original paintings and Fine Art prints are available to purchase. Occasional commissions are accepted with fee based on the Australian Art Industry standard.

Tiny World Series

The “Tiny Worlds” Series are playful watercolour and ink artworks exploring pattern, shapes, mark making, texture and storytelling. Fine Art Prints from the Tiny World Series are available at the I am Cadence ETSY store here.

Nurture Series

The “Nurture Series” are colourful, abstract watercolour paintings created as a fundraiser for a not-for-profit Autistic led organisation. These artworks invite you to explore your playful side while nurturing connections to self-worth and joy within your own life. Original paintings from this series are available for purchase from the I am Cadence ETSY store here.

Botanical, Geographical and Natural World Artworks

These striking watercolour artworks share the Artist’s profound love and appreciation of the natural world, inviting you to connect with it’s complexity and beauty. Giclee and Fine Art Prints are available for purchase at the I am Cadence ETSY store here.

Abstract Acrylic Artworks

Colourful or neutral tones, minimalist or intricate, each of these acrylic paintings share a personal story of reflection and growth. Fine Art Prints are available from the I am Cadence ETSY store here.

Children’s Illustrations