Cadence’s Writings

Cadence’s writings (and video’s) include her thoughts about Autism and her individual experience with sensory differences, communication challenges, alternative forms of communication, feelings, school, friendships and things important to her. Click on the links below to read her pieces.

Writings About Autism


Writings about Sensory Differences

  • Dress Up Day – When ‘Fun’ is Scary
  • I Survived (Sensory Overload / Shutdown)
  • No, Not All Cats Have Autism (sensory / communication / behaviour differences).
  • Video – Spinning is Stimming – Come Spin With Me (Cadence shares her delight in spinning)
  • The ‘Nose’ Knows (Heightened Smell Awareness)


Writings about Communication


Writings about Feelings & Emotions


Writings about School




Creativity & Art

  • Video – Creativity Needs No Words (A short video on Cadence’s art and painting skills)
  • ‘Button Tree of Life’ Tutorial (Children’s Art Tutorial by Cadence)
  • Video – Rainbow Hearts Tutorial (watercolour paints tutorial)