Cadence’s Artwork

In 2016, while playing with paint, Cadence discovered that she could use colour and different materials to give expression to her thoughts and feelings. Since then she has been exploring and experimenting with different styles, materials and textures – with selected works now available for purchase.

Buy Art Prints, Home Decor items and cards at Cadence’s Redbubble Store here.

Buy hand-embellished Canvas Prints at Cadence’s Etsy Store here

Cadence is not an Autistic ‘Art savant’, rather she is a young girl who works extremely hard, and consistently, in a very focused way, to self-learn and master skills of interest to her.

Click here for Cadence’s ‘Button Tree of Life’ Art Tutorial

Click here for Cadence’s ‘Rainbow Hearts Painting’ Demonstration

100% of all proceeds directly support Cadence by way of a small amount (5%) of the ‘profit’ (not sale price) of each sale being allocated to Cadence as ‘savings / spending’ money, and the remainder directed towards Cadence’s ongoing developmental, therapy and educational needs.