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Is there an Autism Fairy?

Cadence, as many eight year old’s do, believes without doubt that fairies are real. She has written to the fairies asking a very important question “is there an autism fairy”?

If such a fairy exists, she wonders if they might visit her – noting that the fairy will be safe in her friendship; that Cadence won’t put her in a jar, that the fairy may bring a friend with her to help her feel safer; and, that the ability to communicate verbally is not necessary to play and enjoy time together.

Text reads:
Dear Fairies,
I want to know please, is there an autism fairy! What is her job in fairyland?Can she visit me? I am autism too! I will be very gentle and I promise I am a kind girl and won’t put her in a jar. She can bring a friend if she is a little bit scared. It’s ok if she doesn’t talk too. We can play spinning together or mancarla. I have tiny beads we can use. Do you like my picture? You can leave your letter here. From Cadence.
PS some people say that fairies are not real, but I know you are real.

The fairies have not replied yet. They are hoping you might be able to help with their very important response?