Acceptance – a film about autism (words by Cadence)

In five short minutes, Director Abigail Romero, takes us on a journey into the non-verbal world of a young Autistic girl. Through Cadence’s words, Romero engages the audience in concepts of both societal acceptance towards Autism and the value of self-acceptance.

An honest, sometimes raw but remarkable portrayal of one Autistic child’s insight into self, and the world around her.

Cadence’s short essay’s, ‘Autism is why I’m different’ and ‘Does Autism mean I’m bad’ – which captivated hearts and minds the world over when published in 2015 – forms the script to this film, and is beautifully portrayed by Nazarena Salazar as ‘Anna’ – a non-verbal 10 year old Autistic girl, with ‘Anna’s’ mother played by Belen Bijarra.

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