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Project Home


An interview with Cadence about her self-initiated project, ‘Project Home‘, in which she aims to provide basic needs to people sleeping rough in parks or cars, and craft items to children staying in women’s shelters.

Why do you want to help people who don’t have a home?

“In the holidays I stayed in the city with Mum.  We stayed in a nice hotel.  I had the wiggles so Mum took me to a park where I could run around and do cartwheels. There was a man. He had a sleeping bag and some other things in a shopping bag. He didn’t have a home so he was sleeping in the park. He was friendly and kind. He gave us directions. It was very cold. I had on my elephant hat and gloves. The man didn’t have any gloves or a hat to be warm”.

Can you tell me why some people homeless?

“Some people get homeless when Mum’s and Dad’s need to live in separate houses but the Mum doesn’t have a separate house to live in.  Some people get homeless because they don’t have any money to pay for a home. Some people get homeless because they need help to look after themselves but don’t have anyone to help them. Some people get homeless because their country has big, big floods and wars and they cant live in their house anymore”.

Do all homeless people sleep in parks?

“Some people who get homeless have to sleep in the park even when its raining.  Some have a car and can sleep in their car. Some have friends and they can sleep on their friends lounge”.

Do you know if many people homeless?

“I looked on the computer. There are lots and lots and lots and lots of people who don’t have a home. The numbers are bigger than I could read. It said there are 100 million homeless people in the world who don’t have a home.  105,000 in Australia.  235,000 in Canada.  610,000 in America.  78 million in India.  India has the most. Mummy used to work with poor people in India. She showed me photos”.

How did you decide what to put in the packs for people sleeping in parks and cars?

“Mummy let me lay in the backyard at bed time. I only had my pajamas and dressing gown on.  The grass was wet and it was really cold. My hands and feet got freezing really quick. My dressing gown got wet from the grass. I felt cold and lonely and ran inside. I slipped over when I ran. I grazed my knee.  Mummy gave me a bandaid. When I was dry I thought about the things that would help keep me warm and dry and not lonely if I had to sleep in the backyard all night long”.

How did you decide what to put in the packs for people sleeping at special places (eg Women’s Shelters)?

When Mummy and me didn’t have a home,  I didn’t have anything that was just mine, except Moo Moo. There was toys to share in the play room but most of them were broken.  They didn’t have much craft stuff so we couldn’t do craft much.  I like craft.  One day one of the workers gave me a musical horse.  It was just for me. They gave me Angelina Ballerina pajamas too. I got too big for the pajamas but I still have the horse. It made me feel special.


Women / Children Shelter Packs Donated: 124

‘Living Rough’ Packs Donated: 108


Women / Children Shelter Packs Donated: 207

‘Living Rough’ Packs Donated: 279

Donations towards the purchase of Cadences ‘Project Home’ Packs can be made to:

Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Cadence ‘H’ *

BSB: 064 – 424

Account #: 1058 4596

*Please specify in the subject if donation is for ‘Project Home’ or ‘Project Health’.

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