Passport to Calmness

For many Autistic children the unpredictability of holiday times can often be associated more with anxiety than with enjoyment. To help minimise the anxiety that can come with the unpredictability and loss of familiar routine of holidays and to support her in familiarising herself with transitioning for our planned activities, Cadence and I spent today creating a pocket sized ‘School Holiday Passport’.

Cadence is particularly keen on detail so ours includes each day of the holidays, much like a mini diary. On each day there are photographs or other visuals that tell the story of where we are going and what we will be doing. Any bus trips or other travel needed on the day is included, along with departure times.

Our ‘Sleepy Sundays’ and other quiet days are there, along with planned play dates complete with a photo of the friend we are playing with.

Similar passport templates can be googled and downloaded from the web. We found 180gsm paper / card best suited to the project for strength and durability, along with copious amounts of glue along the passport ‘spine’.