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Green Days make me feel Yellow

Scared is purple and blue. Its everything. Its too many people. Its noise I don’t know is coming. Its people touching me. Its when people ask me questions. Its really scary when something is new or different.  Going to a party is scary. Almost everything is scary.

Happy is yellow. Its going to the beach. Its playing with my friends. It’s cuddling Ruby and Mummy and Mo Mo. It’s spinning and rolling and squeaking and making noise. It’s going to school. It’s knowing things. It’s when I feel proud.

Angry is red and orange. Its when my friends don’t understand me. Its when I don’t understand my friends. Its when Mummy growls at me. Its what happens (how I feel) when I don’t know whats happening. Its when people try to make me do things. Its when people don’t give me enough time to try things.

Brave is green. Brave is telling the truth when you might get in trouble. It is going on stage. It is going to a party. It is doing something for the first time. Its letting someone touch you. Brave is trying to use words (talk / speak).

Most days I’m yellow and orange and red and blue and purple too; because most days are all mixed up, so my brain feels all mixed up too. But when I have green days, I mostly feel yellow.

I like feeling yellow.